NAL Conference 2019 Feedback

PRO-LIFERS TRAVELLED FROM ALL OVER SOUTH AFRICA TO ATTEND THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR LIFE [NAL] CONFERENCE IN PRETORIA ON SATURDAY 4th OF MAY. NAL is a platform for pro-life organizations, churches and individuals to be heard. Speakers at the conference emphasized the vital responsibility and role of pro-lifers to stand up for the sanctity of unborn life.
“We must take a stand against the killing of children until it (abortion) is abolished,” the conference pamphlet distributed at the National Alliance Conference for Life (NAL) affirmed.

Healthcare profession
The role of the healthcare professional in the life of the unborn was seen as a pivotal one. 
Doctors, nurses and midwives have a noble call to care for life from conception until natural death. The issue of conscientious objection to the abortion procedure was discussed: there are forms available for nurses and midwives to register objections.

Heavens children
The father of a child with Downs syndrome, Mr Thomas, spoke of his experience as a parent.
He declared that such children are called by some ‘hemelkinders’ – heaven’s children. 
The point understood by the conference attendees was that all children – including those who will need parental assistance during their intellectual development – are to be cherished.

The role of counselling
Ms Nina Mckniel from 11th hour counselling outlined the importance of giving godly counselling to women who are potential candidates for abortion.
She made mention of the hundreds of babies that have been born due to women deciding not to abort them through their carelines.
Careline numbers: English: 081 441 6462 and 073 745 5740, Zulu: 072 314 3149  

Destruction of generations
Pro-lifers are called upon to bear up the matter of the destruction of generations of people. 
Those who protect the right to the sanctity of life need to  strengthen their resolve as watchmen for the unborn.

A singing item given by children of the attendees. They are after all, what it is all about

80 percent of African countries resist abortion
In an analysis of global abortion trends, Mrs Nadia Pereira referred to President Obianuju Ekeocha’s statement that 80 percent of African countries have continued to resist and reject the legalisation of abortion.
President Ekeocha is the founder and president of prolife organization Culture of Life Africa.

56 million abortions
Mr Gregory Pereira furnished incidence and trends regarding abortion. Approximately 56 million abortions occurred annually globally between 2010 and 2014.
Apropos the numbers, attendees were horrified at the sheer number of abortions. Defenseless unborn children are killed by painful methods, and on a scale which is very large indeed.

Demonstration against abortion
A pro-life placard demonstration against South  Africa’s abortion law followed the conference in some Pretoria streets.
Many have responded to the election fever in South Africa with the resolve to vote for pro-life candidates.
Uncounted demonstrations have been held throughout the country in an escalation of protest against the abortion law.

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For further information on ongoing protests and elsewhere in the country, contact Gregory Pereira at 083 798-7360.

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